Poster Competition

2017 International Electric Propulsion Conference Poster Session

Win a Best Poster Award!  The poster session is an opportunity to disseminate your research results through informal individual and small group discussions.  Each participant creates a visual display (poster) of their research findings and showcases it at the poster session through an interactive question and answer period.  Posters will be judged at the poster session.  The best poster presented at the poster session will be awarded the Best Poster Award.

Poster Abstracts

Applications for participation in the poster session should be submitted in the form of an abstract consisting of at least 250 words describing the research to be presented.  Please also include the poster title, participants, institution, and main contact name, phone, and email.


Poster Abstract Submission

Poster abstracts should be submitted through the “Upload Abstracts” link on the IEPC website. Please preface the title of the upload file with “Poster”, i.e., “Poster - Title of Abstract”.  Abstracts are due by the same date as paper abstracts, December 16, 2016.  Announcement of accepted posters will be tentatively on Jan. 23, 2017


Poster Session Date/Time/Location

The poster session will be held Monday evening, October 9, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  The poster session will be held at the beautiful Top Golf Atlanta Mid-town (photos below) and is concurrent with the IEPC Top Golf outing.  Participants will be asked to stand by their poster for at least one hour during this session for judging.  The schedule will be determined based on the quantity and focus areas of poster submissions.

Poster Requirements

  • Poster Size: The poster size should be 3 feet tall x 4 feet wide  (91 cm x 122 cm)

  • Title: One line description clearly describing the research.  Include Principal Investigator's name and other participants, institution, main contact name, phone, email and if appropriate, project website.

  • Content: Summarize the objective of the research and provide context, key terms, and concepts. Be creative and feel free to include graphics, charts, and graphs if available.

  • Poster Space: The poster space will be 3 feet x 4 feet and posters should be printed on lightweight paper since they will be mounted using thumbtacks.  Please do not print on thick foam-core board or other heavy boards.  Please plan to use only the poster board space since participants will be sharing the poster space.  No electrical outlets, tables, or chairs will be provided for poster displays.


​​Poster Submission

  • Bring the poster to the Conference on Monday, October 12.  We will store the posters near the Conference registration desk.

  • Board Bus 1 (with your poster) when we depart for the Social Event on Monday, October 9.


Judging Criteria for Best Poster(s) Selection

Posters will be ranked based on the judging criteria below (each bear equal weight of 25% out of 100%):

  • Quality of the work: are the theoretical / experimental / numerical results of a high quality?

  • Innovativeness of the work: does the poster present an innovative and original approach?

  • Significance and potential impact on the field: do the presented results, design, approach, new diagnostics developed, etc. present a breakthrough and impact the field?

  • Excellence of presentation, clarity, organization, and conciseness: is the poster well organized and clearly presented? Is it easy to read and follow? Are the explanations concise and to the point? Are the graphics clear and easy to interpret?