Tim Gasparrini

VP of GOES, former Program Manager for JUNO

Lockheed Martin, United States

Michael T. Menzel

James Webb Space Telescope - Mission Systems Engineer

NASA, United States

Jean-Pierre Boeuf

CNRS Senior Scientist

LAboratoire PLAsma et Conversion d’Energie (LAPLACE), France

Ikkoh Funaki

Associate Professor

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) of JAXA, Japan

Jean-Luc Frolieger

Vice President, Intelsat Satellite Operations and Engineering

Intelsat, United States

Tina Silvia

Senior Propulsion Engineer

SSL, United States

Michael Glogowski

Senior Director Electric Propulsion, System Architect

Orbital ATK, United States

Oliver Duchemin

Lead Engineer - PPS5000 Hall Thruster

SAFRAN, France

Alain Demaire

Propulsion Team Leader

OHB-Sweden, Sweden

Jorge Delgado

Propulsion Engineering Manager

OneWeb Satellites, United States

Philippe Lamotte

Head of Electric Propulsion Engineering

Thales Alenia Space, France

Vincent Jacod

Head of Electric Propulsion Department

Airbus, France

Therese Griebel

Deputy Associate Administrator of Programs

NASA, United States