PANEL "Electric Propulsion: The Next Step"


The introduction of all-electric spacecraft coupled with low-cost commercial launch vehicles has significantly changed the spacecraft marketplace.  Long before electric propulsion (EP) reaches full market potential; satellite operators and insurers must make critical decisions with respect to validation and risk management requirements for EP components and systems.  The goal of the panel discussion is to identify the actions that will enable EP to be even more successful than it has been over the last few years.  The panel is composed of representatives from the supply chain:  EP device manufacturers, satellite prime contractors, and satellite operators.  The questions and participant selection aim to generate a healthy and meaningful debate with respect to the present and future role of EP in satellite technology.  The panel is of interest to the EP community because it will provide fascinating insights from major actors and stakeholders related to the enablers that will take EP systems to the next level.


Panel Members:

Jean-Luc Frolieger - VP, Satellite Operations and Engineering, Intelsat

Michael Glogowski - Senior Director EP, System Architect, Orbital ATK

Therese Griebel - Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs, NASA

Olivier Duchemin -  Lead Engineer of PPS5000, Safran

Tina Silvia - Senior Propulsion Engineer, SSL






Session Date and Time: 
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 14:20 to 15:40
Session Location: 
Grand Ballroom
Session Category: 
Session Chair: 
Rafael Spears, Mitchell Walker