PANEL "Economics of EP"


Space Electric Propulsion (EP) is maturing into a widely accepted technology. Starting as a station-keeping propulsion element, EP is now often used as an auxiliary orbit insertion system, and a few space vehicles even used EP as an exclusive system for propulsion. Ambitious missions are currently planned by industry and government that will heavily rely on EP for primary propulsion. One of the most important metrics for accepting EP is its cost-effectiveness. Many issues, such as technology maturity, system complexity, and time to destination may undermine the specific impulse advantages of the EP systems.  The “Economics of EP” panel will bring together program managers from the spacecraft industry to discuss the wide parameter space that influences the cost-benefit analysis used to determine which propulsion system is the most effective for given mission. The panel is designed to educate the technical experts about the programmatic decision-making process.


Panel Members:

Jorge Delgado - Propulsion Engineering Manager, OneWeb

Alain Demaire - Propulsion Team Leader, OHB-Sweden

Vincent Jacod - Head of EP Department, Airbus

Philippe Lamotte - Head of EP Engineering, Thales Alenia Space

Tina Silva - Senior Propulsion Engineer, SSL

Session Date and Time: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 10:20 to 12:00
Session Location: 
Grand Ballroom
Session Category: 
Session Chair: 
Rostislav Spektor