IEPC 2021

October 8-12, 2021


October 8-12, 2021

About the Conference

The 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) is scheduled for October 8 – 12, 2017
on the Georgia Institute of Technology campus in Atlanta, Georgia.



The IEPC is the premier international forum for spacecraft primes, hardware developers, government researchers, academic scholars, and students in the field of electric propulsion. The IEPC is held every two years and is attended by more than 500 participants with representation from more than 25 countries.




The typical program contains more than 350 technical presentations that span from propulsion device physics and development to on-orbit operation and satellite fleet management. The 2017 IEPC will have a rich and diverse technical program featuring the latest developments and research results in the field, as well as a number of informative and educational events along with technical visits to nearby facilities.



Exterior image of Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference center.


Exterior image of the "TECH" sign as seen on each of the 4 sides of Tech Tower.


Image of the Technology Square sign as seen outside of the Scheller College of Business in Tech Square.


View of the Atlanta skyline over I-85 at dusk.



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